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Welcome to Triggers+, your digital brainstorming tool for all your design, innovation and strategy brainstorming sessions and workshops.

Avoid the creative block, speed up your ideation process

Get access to hundreds of “what if” questions to inspire new ideas endlessly. Use them to detonate concepts and solutions for your projects.

The perfect tool to complement your remote and digital workshops

Use our brainstorming prompts with other services like Miro, Mural or any video call software to unlock your team's creativity instantly. Bring energy and excitement to your remote workshops.

A huge variety of prompts, from branding to strategy and service design

New packs every week, inspiration non-stop. We update our library of packs weekly, adding new content to all our categories like branding, business, strategy, design and advertising.


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Use our digital ideation tool to maximise your creative talent. Get the help you need for any brief and challenge. Unblock your creativity and design engaging workshops—the option for hectic innovators.

  • Access to the complete library of packs
  • Use all packs as many times as you want
  • English and Spanish packs
  • Enjoy new packs every week
  • Decide on new features
  • Request new packs and topics according to your needs
  • Online support from our team for your ideation sessions
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How do the prompts work?

You use them as idea detonators for your projects. You simply need a creative challenge to solve, pick a pack from our catalogue and use the “What if” questions to create ideas. All of them are designed to open your mind and explore ideas for many different briefs.

What languages do Triggers+ support?

English and Spanish at the moment. We are planning to expand to new languages very soon.

Can I share it with others?

You are welcome to share your screen with your team while using Triggers+ so they can see the questions. We’ll be working on different ways of including your colleagues when using Triggers+.

Does Triggers+ include all the physical Ideation Cards decks?

Triggers+ packs are a mix of different questions from our Ideation Cards decks, but they also contain new questions not published before.

Can I get a shared account for my team?

Yes! For now, we need to activate this option manually, so reach out on the chat or through our survey to get a quotation.

Can I use it offline?

Not at the moment, you’ll need a wifi or mobile connection if you want to use our platform. We are working on an offline mode for the near future.

Will Triggers+ be available as an app?

Yes! It’s on our roadmap. We’ll be updating our users on the development.

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